What To Do In Case Of a Sudden Heart Attack (Treatment)


Death by heart attack in a hurry.

News of such a sudden heart attack death is often heard in the vicinity. A sudden cardiac arrest is called a movie heart attack. However, in most cases, the body sends signals before a heart attack. At first there is discomfort with a slight pain in the chest. Most of the time a heart attack feels pressure in the middle of the chest. The pain lasts for a few minutes. Sometimes the pain goes away and comes back again.(Remdesivir injection)

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An uncomfortable pressure and shaking is felt. Often there is discomfort in the back, neck, jaw and stomach. Shortness of breath with discomfort in the chest. Sweating can cause chills and nausea.(Remdesivir injection)

If you understand the symptoms and take quick action, big damage can be avoided. Basically, a heart attack occurs when the heart circulates inadequately and irregularly. Heart attack can be due to various reasons including high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, stress.(Remdesivir injection)

Don’t be afraid if you have a sudden heart attack. Coughing loudly and frequently, so that the phlegm comes out with the cough. Sigh before coughing each time. Thus frequent coughing and sighing — every two minutes in a row. By doing this, your heart will circulate blood regularly even if it is a little bit. It will give a lot of support to the patient before taking him to the hospital. This is because sighing increases the transport of oxygen in our body and the pressure exerted by frequent coughing on the chest prepares the heart for adequate and regular blood circulation.(Remdesivir injection)

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